It all started when...

I took a wellness training course and our medical missionary instructor asked the women in our class,

“Are you giving birth every month?”

Uh… no?

That rhetorical question hit me right between the eyes. 

“Because Biblically speaking,” he (yup, a guy!) continued, “giving birth is the only time you ladies should be in pain.”

Say what now?

He had us turn to Genesis 3:16, where we read in black and white that Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit resulted in pain when giving birth. No mention of cramps or PMS symptoms as a part of what we’ve dubbed “The Curse.” 

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That was the beginning of a new normal when it came to my period.

And that's a HUGE deal because the women in my family have notoriously horrific periods. We’re talking passing out, vomiting, monster cramps, mood swings, and heavy bleeding just to name a few of the symptoms. It’s not uncommon to have to call out from work or school for days at a time.

Those are the genetics I inherited.

However, armed with this liberating paradigm, I knew I didn't have to continue suffering through my periods.

Here's what I learned on my journey: Cramps are our bodies giving voice to their need for specific care. 

We have been socialized to silence this cry with pills, patches, injections, and inserts, well before we’ve even been taught to understand the marvel that is our menstrual cycle.

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Rather than ignore and medicate my body numb during that time of the month, I listened to it, tweaking my lifestyle to give it the care it not only needed but deserved. 

And it worked! It’s been nine years and counting. Whooohooo!

With this experience, I created The Painful Periods Solution™ to teach women like you how you too, can change the script about what to expect during our periods. I show you how to activate your body’s natural healing processes to restore physical and emotional well-being not only during that time of the month, but every day.

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