Vision Series

Finally, up-level your confidence, own your creativity, and deeply connect with your faith

"Darlye has such a gift for using metaphor to help us see and understand what God has called us to. With personal transparency, meticulous research, and an unabashed grounding in Scripture, Darlye’s teaching is full of “whoa” moments. She is real, and raw, and she paints such a beautiful picture of what building our lives on the Rock – our work, relationships, you name it – really looks like."

- Christie, Boston, MA, USA

Beginning in Genesis, this course explores the keys to embracing the ultimate one-of-a-kind existence.

And it starts, by seeing things differently.

Each episode unfolds another layer of God’s big picture for human flourishing to get you untangled from hindering beliefs (both “spiritual” and secular) with a lesson and exercises or suggestions to help you practice living with new vision.

When you've been stuck trying to live according to religious programming rather than in a dynamic relationship with God, you are likely to have experienced effects such as:

  • Confusion about your calling or purpose
  • Anxiety concerning relationships
  • Stifled creativity
  • Feelings of fear, analysis paralysis, or avoidance in the face of decisions
  • Feeling helplessness or overwhelmed by issues of social justice
  • Spiritual burnout
This 4-week audio course will help you recalibrate your vision, gain clarity around your goals, empower you to start moving forward, and contribute to God’s kingdom work.

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Your Instructor

Dr. Darlye Élise Innocent
Dr. Darlye Élise Innocent

I love sharing Scripture-based uncommon insights, practices, and resources to help Christians do relationships differently, heal their bodies, and live life richly.

Otherwise said, I'm in the happiness business.

I am a social scientist and holistic wellness educator + speaker who was introduced to simple, yet powerful wellness practices while in graduate school and quickly adopted them into my lifestyle. The results were incredible and changed my life forever! I am thankful to have been freed from a laundry list of aches, pains, and discomforts that I once thought were unavoidable parts of life and were robbing me of energy, productivity, and joy.

I hold a Ph.D. in Community Resources and Development, a Masters in Social Work, a Wellness Lifestyle certificate, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

As part of the only Blue Zone community in the United States, I have enjoyed giving workshops, seminars, and talks on wellness, relationships, and spirituality for nearly a decade on university campuses, at churches, conferences, and online events, from a decidedly unique and holistic perspective.

I am the author of the handbook Don't Blame Eve... More Than Surviving Your Period, (now an online course!), a principle contributor for the book Healthy Self: 10 Habits of the Longest Living Americans, and an expert contributor for the book Growing Livelihoods: Local Food Systems and Community Development.

Ballet keeps me on my toes, travel feeds my curiosity, and warm, sunny beaches are my happy place.

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  Week 1 | A Different Kind of Visionary
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  Week 3 | A Different Kind of Missionary
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